Problem with I-rig midi out

I’m having a problem with midi output recall after exiting a gig file and reloading gig file the next day, the midi out widget shows the right output but it doesn’t work. I have to replace the same midi out widget with the same midi out port widget, then it works. In my case this is an i_rig pro duo by Ikmultimedia. Has anyone else encountered this problem. Windows 11. It’s only the midi out affected, Midi in widget always works.

I would highly recommend verifying/updating the driver for Irig. I recently purchased a new Irig device – as my old one had ceased working. At first, the new one didn’t work at all – midi in or out. I was ready to chuck-it… then I updated the driver and everything worked.

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I have i rig pro duo Asio 5.50 latest update. I don’t think it’s an i rig issue . Also i rig midi working in a stand alone app. It doesn’t happen all the time. It’s a random thing. I am going to re assign all patches midi output with another midi device. I’ll give an update and see if that helps. Again the issue is only midi out, not midi in.

I’m suspecting a windows 11 problem.