Prevent MIDI Feedback to be able to use GP and MKB buttons?


Im trying to couple my AX-Edge as a master keyboard with Gig Performer.
(lets say) It has 10 buttons; when I press one of them, a program at the Edge activates, the button glows and a program change (1-10) is fired to Gig Performer which switches to one of 10 song parts. Cool!

Okay now, sometimes I feel like using the GP Buttons instead of the hardware ones. The AX needs to know about this (show the right program and use the right parameter set), so I set up a MIDI PC to be fired when the song part is activated.

You might have guessed, there is a problem: The AX realizes the new activated program, fires it’s PC message to GP, which reactivates the song part, again fires its PC - causing an infinite loop.

Is there any trick to prevent this? For example, could I instruct GP to only fire it’s message when the Setlist Buttons are used, but not when a MIDI message activates the song part? Or do I have to stay with a master/slave setup and decide for either hardware buttons or software buttons?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only possibility (without complex scripting) I see is:
When you want to use “Buttons” in GP you have to disable incoming PC messages in the preferences
and when you want to use your Hardware buttons is to disable the MIDI Out where GP sends PC messages.