Preset or Template creation

Wouldn´t it be nice to be able to save presets, something like the track-presets in a DAW.

If you create a nice synth-sound with a couple of vst synths and effects. It would be nice to be able to save as presets, and to call up these in one go?

Maybe there are smarter ways of doing that?



You’ve just described a rackspace. To accomplish what you’ve just described, I’ve created a ‘default’ template rackspace and then exported it. In my exported rackspace, I’ve set up a set of standard widgets, midi inputs, midi outputs, mixer and mixer routing. I’ve also set the midi outputs to explicitly call up my standard ‘controller only’ presets on my three external devices.

When I’m ready to build a new rackspace, I simply import this template and start from there.


Of course that can be done with Rackspaces which contain these instruments + effects. But I agree: A way to select several Blocks, pack them into a container and save it individually would be very convenient. I’m pretty sure this is already in the backlog :slight_smile:

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