Preserve program change numbers

Allow an option for PC numbers to be preserved on export and import of rack spaces. With large gigfiles of 400+, this would be a huge time saver.

I understand, but what should happen when you export a rackspace with PC number 10 and you import it into a gig where already a rackspace exists which has the PC number 10 assigned?

My sense is that in most cases, the PC numbers would already be different, at least in the case where it is the same person reusing rackspaces, so this is more likely to be an issue if you give a rackspace to someone else.

But what could happen perhaps is that when we find a conflict, we either don’t assign PC to the new one, or we automatically assign it to the “first” unused PC, possibly in another bank. At the end, we could display a log so user could see what happened in the case of a large number of rackspaces being imported.


@dhj Wouldn’t a simple prompt to manually re-assign PC numbers in the event of an import conflict do? No need to auto-assign when manually importing. In that scenario, imported rackspaces could either A) have no PC info, in which case the user is prompted to provide a number, B) already have PC info that conflicts, in which case the user is prompted to provide a new PC number, or C) already have PC info with no conflicts, in which case the rackspace is imported with the previously saved PC information.

I had a similar request in this thread.

This happens already. My solution is to number the bank the same as the set number I.e. Guitar set 1 - bank is set to 1, Guitar set 17 - bank is set to 17. That way, when I reference a song in my iPad, I can look up the bank number to find the song in the same set (ie, 1 or 17 etc) in Gig Performer.

You may be missing the point here. The whole purpose is to avoid having to go thorough 450+ songs and manually change each pc per rackspace to match those sent out by the iPad.

@bigalminal sorry, my reply there was meant for @dhj.

Could GP “look” at each incoming PC/Bank and automatically update the existing PC? Or better still, could an option be added to the export function via a tick box “Maintain existing PC”?

Understood. Sorry😀

Update it to what?

Imagine importing 100 rackspaces (or 1 rackspace with 100 variations) — you do not want to be prompted each time. Further, you’re going to want to look at what you already have assigned before you can decide what to do.

This is not as obvious as one might think.

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@dhj I understand, but it’s no less tedious to have hard-coded PC sent from another app and having to re-assemble and re-number 100 imported rackspaces to match them. (That’s the way it is with my set up, at current)

The initial suggestion for the option to save, and subsequently load, PC information with the exported rackspaces is a valid one, for sure…much like embedding PC/Bank information for exported songs.

Update from the imported pcs to those sent from my iPad.

Suppose you have two different rackspaces that you have exported at different times and they both had the same PC. Or suppose you got a rackspace from someone else.

Now you import them both – what should happen? And how does your iPad help?

Don’t get me wrong — nobody is opposed to what you’re wanting to do – it’s simply not obvious how to do it without creating other issues.

The suggestion is totally valid – the implementation (when there’s a conflict) is seriously non-trivial. One doesn’t just implement a suggestion (even a valid one) without first thinking through the consequences, how to deal with issues mentioned earlier, etc.

I always work on my originals in the small set lists. An import into the monster rackspace always ends up with “Same tile_1” ie it creates a duplicate with -1 after it. I would always want the import to replace and update the original anyway. The iPad has the correct pc/bank to send to GP over wireless.

Anther consideration is alphabetical listing. When you choose this option after importing a bunch of rack spaces, all the pcs then charge yet again causing more work to reset the PCs back to original.