Preload options


Rackspace load options:

  • Force Preload (for when the singer decides the next song a few bars before ending the current one…)
  • Always loaded (like a manual predictive load)

Always loaded (like a manual predictive load)

You could use predictive Load enabled together with set list


But I can’t choose what songs to preload?
Say I have a few songs with long loading time, but I don’t know when we will play them.


How many Rackspaces are you using for a Show?


I’m not there yet, but I guess I’ll end up with at least 50.

I know about the option to have a second instance of GP, which I haven’t tried yet, where I could have a rackspace and variations for these slow loading plugs, but I’m not really comfortable with the thought. I’m on Windows where the solution doesn’t seem to be as straight forward as with Mac.


How many RAM are you using?
Can you disable predictive load?


My laptop has 8GB, if that’s what you’re asking.
I can disable predictive load. Where are you going with this? :slight_smile:


Ok, I have 32 GB RAM :wink:


If I understand correctly:
You want to have the option to preload e specific rackspace during the show.
This rackspace should just be loaded but not activated.


:+1: Correct.


OK, how could you manage to locate a specific rackspace and press a button to load while
your are playing?


Fire your singer!


He also handles the checks…

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I could maybe talk the band leader in to giving me one song’s heads up…
Say the setlist is a big dropdown menu - see my other post - and to the right of the song title are two big buttons button saying “LOAD” and “PRELOAD” I could load the song we’re about to play and the song we’ll play next.


I think it would be better that in predictive load there would be an Option that when you switch to a rackspace which is Not the Next only this rackspace is loaded and the oldest is unloaded.
This way loading the new rackspace should be fast enough.


Maybe you’re right, I can’t argue for or against since I don’t know how things work under the hood. Whatever shortens the load time is welcome, and to have one rackspace with a couple of plugs always loaded would be awesome.


You could create a set with all needed rackspaces an predictive load to a value so that all rackspaces in the set are loaded.
This way you can switch seamless all rackspaces in that set.


Isn’t there a limit of predictive loaded rackspaces? Like 1 before and 5 after the current one?
Not able to test right now.
Sorry there’s a lot of thinking out loud from my side, still learning as I go.


3 means 1 before and 1 after
So set it to 23 and in a setlist which uses 10 rackspaces you are save to,switch seamless.


Well, if this is possible I’ve been whining all night about something that’s not an issue…
Thanks, I’ll check it out!