Preference window on/off error


I love to use Gig performer. so i tried to test by demo.
First. try to copy plugins set up exactly what i was use by ableton.
1~2 hours was okay to work. but some issue make totally out of working.

  1. Can’t get audio signal on my rack set up (totally new set up works fine. it’s same audio input setting)
  2. Automatic turn off after turning on and off Preference window.
  3. Too slow loading
    (i checked the forum and solution was remove caches with setting, so i did that process, after that everythings crushed like number 1, 2 )
  4. after apply chaging also make turn off

I use one 32bit plug by jbridge. i was guessing be cuz of that.
But even after remove that plug also can’t fix these all issue.
Hope to fix these issue to stable using Gig performer.

Process: GigPerformer3 [2604]
Path: /Applications/
Identifier: com.deskew.gigperformer3mac
Version: 3.2.7 (3.2.7)
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: GigPerformer3 [2604]
User ID: 50

Time Awake Since Boot: 4200 seconds

Crashed Thread: 21

Macbook air (OS 10.10.5)
Rme babyface pro
logidy midi foot controller


Hello and welcome to our forums!

I think we will need a little more information from you.

Could you explain a little bit further. What does this mean? I see you are on MacOS and use RME Babyface interface. If you go to Options->Audio Settings and select the options you want, then connect the output to the outputs you want - do you hear a sound or not?

Opening the preferences window will stop the audio processing yes, but it should resume when you are done. Do you have a specific issue with this?
Note that if you change the audio options and close the preferences window GP must reset your entire plugin chain and some plugins may have a problem with that process.

Not sure what is this compared to, but it will not be slower than ANY other application that hosts plugins and loads the same amount of plugins.
You could try to use the “predictive loading” mode (you have to enable it in advanced options) which will only load part of your gig file.

Unfortunately I cannot understand this. Could you try to be more specific?

It is quite possible that this could be source of some of your issues.

If you do get a crash - please send the report using the dialog that pops up after the crash or the next time you start Gig Performer. Positing it here as text does not mean much to us.

Thank you.