Predictive loading - just two please

Can an option be added to predictive loading for just two please. My reasons are:

  1. When I’m playing from an ordered set list, I just need one song ahead as I go
    through the list in set order not needing the previous song reloaded
  2. When I play from a larger song list and am jumping around randomly, I don’t need
    previous or next to be loaded either, and having just one extra song loading will
    make the loading process quicker (I think?)
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You know that as soon the red bar with the word predicting in it appears you can start playing?

That doesn’t work for me. My drum module won’t trigger until the song is green.

The reason for loading the current + previous/next songs is if you accidentally push to next/rev song during performance - you can instantly go back without missing a beat.

As @pianopaul said - as soon as your current song is loaded - you can play. GP will load the rest while you are playing so the speed should not matter.


As I stated, the drum module wont trigger until the song is green. Which means I have to wait.

What drum module are you using and what does it not trigger?

I’m using Air Strike 2 drum vst. I’m sending a midi start command from my iPad over a wireless network. If I tap the BT pedal to trigger the iPad (which then triggers the drum), nothing happens while there is a predicting message on a red background. The drum simply won’t start until I get a full green message…

Just a test:

Can you place a widget on the rackspace to trigger the drum while there is a predicting message?
We should find out if this is a general issue or “only” a MIDI Issue while predicting.

I didn’t do that test as I’ve noticed that all the instruments need the green bar to play correctly. My thoughts were if the predictive was set to one, then the loading would be quicker than loading the current and one before and one after.

Can I reiterate this request for just two please? I seem to spend long seconds whilst GP keeps on predicting - up to 10seconds at times.

Load time of new plugins will not be reduced this way when you just switch down your rackspaces by 1.

In my setlists I order the songs to play.

Are you playing songs randomly?

When I’m doing a one hour concert, I use a set list because people are sitting listening. No problems there. When I play for a dance, I use a much larger 400+ gig file so that I can play to the crowd. If they want another fast song, then I can call one up at random.

Can you explain why reducing the predictive setting from 3 down to 1 wont make any difference?
If GP just loads the song I want and not two others as well, wouldn’t that be quicker. Sometimes, I spend ages waiting for the predictive to turn green. And as I explained before, I need the predictive to be green otherwise my drums wont start playing.

You wrote “just two please”
But you want only the actual selected rackspace to be loaded?

I’m not sure what the minimum is. At the moment, its three i.e. one before and one after. I’ve tried turning predictive off but it takes far too long to load. If I could just have one load i.e. the one that is to be played, I think that might work. What do you think?

I think the problem, is that if you are jumping around it will always take a long time to load - ‘predictive’ loading is based on the rackspaces GP thinks you will move to, and the only way it does this is that it is the rackspaces that are next to the one you have selected; it assumes you are moving up/down in a list .

So even if it were possible to just have a single rackspace predictively loaded, if you don’t jump to that rackspace then GP has to load it anyway and, as you say, it can take a while. This isn’t really a flaw in GP as it can have no idea what song you are going to go to if you are moving around a setlist almost at random.

Also, the first rackspace that is loaded is the selected one, then the others around it depending on how many you have set in predictive loading - it doesn’t matter if the loading bar takes a while whilst it loads the others as the one selected will be ready to go as soon as it can - check for the little green bar next to the rackspace name.

Predictive loading is fantastic if you work through a setlist and it really does make loading time zero when selecting one of those setlists.

As I stated at the beginning, I already use set lists that run for an hour. And they are great. But, just occasionally, when playing a three hour farmers market gig or similar, I’d like to just “wing it” and play what I feel like playing at random from a large gig file, rather than what is next on the one hour set list. So I still wonder whether having a predictive loading choice of two would help my loading times between songs.

No it won’t – loading is being done in the background (that’s why, when you move to the “next” one, it’s instantly available"— if you move away, loading just stops and new stuff gets loaded

If I have a very simple rack space (guitar, reverb and delay) then two others which are much more complex get loaded at the same time, why would loading not be quicker if the choice was cut down by one I.e. the selection plus one as opposed to selection plus two?

Because loading is happening in the background — the assumption is the song you want to play next is already loaded. If it is not, that one will be loaded next and then others will be loaded in the background so you can still play. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 or 20 songs to be loaded in the background.

It’s probably technically difficult or impossible to implement, but it would be even better if you could not only play while loading, but also switch variations of the current rackspace.