Predictive Loading breaks Playhead Position widget

I’m using the Audio File Player for backing tracks and have discovered that when I enable predictive loading, my playhead position widget (green counter above play buttons) and my “Scrub” fader (blue fader on the right) no longer function. They work fine when predictive loading is disabled.

I have 70 rackspaces in this gig and most have an instance of the Audio File Player so I’m trying to use Predictive Load to manage memory and CPU. Can anyone else reproduce or is this an issue for me only?

Is the Audio File Player located in the Global rackspace?

Nope, I have an instance for each per the screen shot. The audio plays fine but as you can see, the widgets aren’t updating. If I turn off predictive loading, everything works fine.

UPDATE: Things I’ve tried…

  • I created a new gig and imported one of the affected songs and it’s working fine.
  • I went back to my original gig and issue remains.
  • I tried “Save As” to a new gig file hoping it would make a difference, but it didn’t.

Is it possible I’ve hit some sort of limit? I’ll try adding one song at a time to a new gig when I have time and report back if that would be helpful.


Any thoughts?

To be clear, it’s all working perfectly well. I just don’t get the visual feedback from the counter or my scrub fader moving. Both widgets are mapped to Audio File Player’s play head position.

I tried to replicate on MacOS but couldn’t (predictive loading set to 3).

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We will put this in bug tracking so as to look into it. Thanks for the information

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Thanks for trying. I pulled back predictive loading to 1 (was on 7) but it didn’t make a difference.

Are you at the limits of your memory usage? If yes, does it also happen if you reduce your Gig file to have more free memory?

I created a new gig and imported 5 Songs (32 gig of ram, so no issue here). As you can see, audio is playing but playhead position isn’t reflected in my widgets…

I created another new gig and imported the same 5 songs. This time, predictive loading is off and it’s working as expected…

I can’t reproduce this either on my Mac.

Is this just happening on Windows?

Can anybody else reproduce this on Windows?