Pop up menu widget


I use a dial to preset guitar patches. It’s hard to see what patchbI sn in in the rackspace since it’s just a tiny digit on the dial.

Instead I’d like to have a scalable pop up menu item that says I large type 1-clean, 2-crunch, 3- super lead etc. while you are at it make it so there can be 256 options instead of just 10 that are on a dial.

I also use a dial for light show scenes I am controlling w midi.


Hmm there is already a menu widget… and it’s the Rackspace list :smile:

I know what you mean. But I think I wouldn’t do it that way. Which plugin or device is it that switches presets based on the widget value?


When I select a variation in gigperformer the guitar patch knob setting is read and gpscript sends the appropriate midi program change out to a midi port that is received by Apple mainstage that has my guitar patches.

I dont want to go to mainstage to see what guitar patch I’m on and the tiny dial markings aren’t big enough.


Ah… I often have variations like “DRY”, “WET” and so on with reverbs/delays set a certain way.
What I also have in that rackspace’s panel are two / three label widgets that say “DRY” “WET” etc…

Now… the “Label” widget can accept a different “value”. A value of 100 would be fully visible while the value of 0 is very transparent.
If you now set these labels so that the one you’re on is the only one with 100 value and others are at 0 you will get an effect of switching them on/off and you can see which patch you’re on.

Here’s how this approximately looks like:


Very Cool. Thanks for that solution. I will check into doing it this way! However, setting the selection for each variation would be easier with a popup and allow for more choices in less space. I’ll need that for the 12 light scenes I use.


Note that at the top it also displays Rackspace : Variation - e.g. “Guitar : Clean” for example.


You could use some buttons and scripting to select variations.


Or react to variation changes in the script and change the label text altogether like this for example:

// Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)
   If newVariation == 0
         SetWidgetLabel(label, "Variation 1");
	     SetWidgetLabel(label, "Variation 2");