There are still many cool plugins without voice per channel support. Would be cool to have a kind of “PolyRack” module: It could work like this: One creates a rack as normal, with monophonic / non-vpc vsts and effects. And then there is a “PolyWrapper” module that can be placed in any other rack. This has two parameters: The name of an existing rack and the number of copies that should internally be created. Additionally it has midi and audio ins and outs. The midi in get split by channel, one for each poly instance. Audio in goes globally to all instances. Midi out is merged by mapping the outcoming midi to the channel of the corresponding poly instance. Audio out is just a mix down of the individual per voice audio outs.

As a side effect this could also be used to use one rack inside another, by setting the number of poly voices to 1 - like a template sub-rack concept where the content of the subracks is always in sync with the template.

Sounds super useful!

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Really? You want [poly~] wrapping [vst~] :stuck_out_tongue:

yepp :slight_smile:
You mean, I should look into Max instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep! On the same “boat”. I actually asked for this … Provide kind of MPE…

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