Plugins failed to initiate



I have few plugins that couldn’t be loaded into GigPerformer. I’d like to know the reason since all I’ve got is “Deactivated after failing to initiate correctly” message.



Are this 32 bit plugins?



Thanks for your support. I don’t know the rest but one of the plugin I’m using is called Halion Sonic and it’s definitely 64bit. Here is the info from Steinberg (the maker):



Can you open your plugin manager, find that plugin, DELETE it, and then rescan?



Thanks for your reply. I did exactly that but when I did the rescan, the plugin is still ‘Deactivated after failing to initialise correctly’. Except for this message, there’s no other hint that show me why it’s failed to load.

Please see the screenshot FYI.



Can you please open a ticket at ?