Plugin search and organizer

Hi- I have got a ton of plugins. It would be good to be able to search them. Also perhaps folders to place various kinds of plugins like Reverb folder, or Guitar amp folder, or Favorites folder, etc.

Hello @Jack - welcome to our forums…

If you want to search for a plugin and insert it - just press CMD + P or CTRL+P on Windows and a small popup will be visible with all your plugins. Just start typing anything in the box to find a plugin, then press Enter to insert it.

If you just want to see the plugins you have - open the Plugin Manager where you can sort the plugins by name, manufacturer etc…

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help. That solves some of my problems. Is there a way to create folders for favorite plugins? Also, is there a keyboard command to turn the metronome on and off? Is there a way to change the metronome sounds?



There are no folders other than the folders by the manufacturer in the popup menu at this point.
The metronome sounds can be changed in General options - just load your favorite. You can also change the loudness of the metronome there
No keyboard shortcut for metronome on/off yet.