Plugin Prologue (Steinberg) causing GP crash (3.6 KB)

I’m having a crash with Steinberg’s Prologue plugin.

As reported by the attached report, the plug-in is
C: Program Files Steinberg Cubase 10.5 VST3 Synthesis.vst3
and is contained in Cubase 10.5 PRO.
I note that other plugins, such as Padshop 2, Retrologue and Halion are working (and also some effects plugins that are always present in Cubase).

GP crashes by opening this plugin only.

The PC is an Asus GL752 VW with i7-6700HQ processor with 32GB of RAM and runs on Windows 10 Home (version 1903 Build 18362.535)

I ask you if there is a solution to this problem as the sounds present on Prologue are really beautiful and I would like to use them live.

Thanks in advance for support.

Please report this to Steinberg — we’re happy to work with plugin developers when necessary to help them fix a problem but they have to respond first. It’s very unlikely that this is a Gig Performer issue at this point, particularly since all their other plugins are working. I assume you are using the latest version of GP.

Thanks for the quick answer. I opened a ticket for the issue, and actually it seems that the problem is due to the fact that the e-licenser does not correctly manage the plugins all the plugins present in Cubase, since, as reported by the screenshoot that I attach indicates that the application is unknown.

I hope they solve the problem quickly.

Thanks again,

Yep, that would do it! Let us know what you hear back.

Hello community, received a response from Steinberg that is not at all comforting and which I report below:
“… The Prologue oscillator is a component of Cubase and cannot be used by third party hosts or in standalone mode …”

I have no comments on their response since nowhere in the website or in the Cubase manual is it reported that some plugins cannot be used on internal hosts !!!

Thanks anyway for the support,

Oh - that’s not a surprise at all. Pretty much all vendors that sell DAWs that include plugins that will run only on their own DAWs. Apple Logic and Mainstage have tons of plugins that can’t be used independently as do numerous other vendors.

This of course leads to vendor lockin and it’s the main reason I never use the plugins that actually come with products and I use only third-party plugins (both commerical and free).

However, occasionally one does come across a sound from a proprietary plugin that one wants to use elsewhere. In such cases, the solution that will work most of the time (the exception being if you need to do proprietary modulation in real time) is to sample the sounds being produced and then using either Kontakt or a free sampler such as the excellent TX16Wx sampler (free and paid versions available).