Please Help: Intermittent Audio Glitches Using Ableton & Gig Performer

Hi everyone!

I desperately need some help with a very frustrating issue. I so badly want to buy Gig Performer, it fills a massive hole that I’ve been searching for to make my live sets more fun and live. After dealing with buggy software like Analog Labs, I thought this one would really seal the deal but I’m running into this issue as shown in the video included below.

The issue: Gig Performer works fine for a while and then randomly it will start to glitch out until I click on the Gig Performer app. Sometimes i can run 3-4 track run throughs fine and then the glitches will start and keep happening. Audio seems to be glitching both Abletons audio and GP audio. I have never had these problems before I started using GP. Has anyone else had these issues? If so could you please point me in the right direction to get this fixed? I would be very grateful! If not is there anyone from Gig Performer that could help me resolve the issue? I am on the trial and ready to buy the license if I can get this fixed, if not then it renders itself useless for playing gigs as I need something super stable, this at a gig would be the worst!

My Details/Specs etc.

  • Apple Macbook Pro late 2013 15" Retina - 2.6ghz i7 / 8gb ram
  • High Sierra 10.12.6
  • Soundcard: Motu 16a thunderbolt - Both Ableton and GP sending audio out to stereo channel 7/8
  • Ableton: 10.1 - sending midi notes through IAC Driver to Gig Performer
  • Ableton buffer size 256
  • GP Buffer size 256
  • Midi Controllers: Livid DS1 & Midi Fighter Twister
  • Plugins used in a current rack: Arturia Arp2600v3, ozone imager, psp springbox, bxcontrolv2, slate VMR, tantrum, DMG equality
  • CPU while playing - Ableton 7% & GP 20%


When you do Not use GP, do you face issues?
Now do your Midi Settings Look in Ableton and Gig Performer?
With IAC you have to be careful to avoid Midi Loops.
I am using Ableton Live and Gig Performer live and do Not Face and issue.

No, only when using GP. Ableton is fine without GP running. Only happens when GP is running too.

Howe does your CPU usage Look in Gig Performer?

  • CPU while playing - Ableton 7% & GP 20%

There are no midi feedback loops, only output from ableton and i have disabled output from GP. I took the time to really get GP setup properly. Im confident all that is well as it works fine for quite a while and then the glitches start. It only resolved once i click on Gig Performer app

When you Click on Gig Performer when you Start Ableton glitches also occur?
The sample Rate in Ableton and Gig Performer is the same?

Yes as listed above, 256 buffer on both Ableton and GP. I’m on Ableton GP is in the background playing the set and randomly glitches start as shown in the video link. This stops as soon as I click on GP app to bring GP to the forefront

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Not the buffer size, the sample Rate.

What grafics renderer Are you using in GP?

Ah sample rate sorry, again both 44.1 in Ableton and GP. Also same as Motu 16a setup. All three are the same

Now the grafics renderer
You find it in the preferences of GP

I’m using the standard software graphics render. Middle option.

I actually tested all three graphics options and had the same issue

Ok, what Happens when you do Not connect your external Monitor?

I had same issue earlier when I disconnected the external monitor

And what Happens when you do Not send Midi to Gig Performer and Play live on your Keyboard with GP in the background?

What Happens when Ableton Live and Gig Performer Are located on different Monitors?

I’ve not tried that yet but to replicate the issue I would have to keep playing for 10-20 mins.

I only use one monitor at a time. My MacBook lid is closed. For live gigs il be using just MacBook monitor

Just to nail it down, can you Test with different Displays?

Paul what are your specs? Maybe I could update Ableton, my os etc