Pianoteq 8 released

Pianoteq v8.0.0 was just released. The update is free to anyone who registered Pianoteq within one year. Installs in parallel to earlier versions, but it remapped my desktop icon (Windows) to the v8 standalone.

New instrument model: the Classical Guitar.

All acoustic pianos, the Vintage Reeds electric piano and the Concert Harp have been revoiced.

Interface with updated graphics.

New ‘Note Effects’ panel, with Tremolo and Vibrato.

The LV2 / VST3 / AudioUnit plugins can receive an optional audio input, which is used to excite the string resonances (STD/PRO versions).

Added a loop button for the MIDI sequences (standalone), and also ability to select a part of a MIDI file.

New option for using stereo effects when the selected instrument output is mono.

New midimappings option for using one MIDI channel per guitar string or harpsichord keyboard.

New ‘stretch points’ note-edit panel (PRO version).

Improved presets menu, with favorites.

And many bug fixes…

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Hm, and currently 25% discount … Question of the day: will there be more discount at Black Friday?!

Only €29 to upgrade the Stage version from v7 to v8… very fairly priced! Trying it out now!


Isn’t there a discount form on this site to get 10% off Pianoteq for GP users?

Yes,m ut I’m sure it doesn’t apply to upgrades. Pianoteq users can get a license for GP with a 10% discount but only new licenses, not upgrades.

Mine’s going to a new license. Is that form on our site, or do I deal directly with Modart?

The form is here.

That’s how I got my Pro license. You submit the form and Modartt places the version you want in their shopping cart with the 10% discount applied. You then go through the standard purchasing process on their website. Selection of the two/three/four instruments you want happens after the purchase. Easy peazy.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m just in the process of swapping out some piano sounds on my Kronos to Pianoteq and this will come in handy as I work on it. It’s so playable and responsive and one of my favorite plugins to use with GP


I added the Petrof, Blüthner, Grotrian and Electric Pianos packs during this current 25% off Black Friday sale. While registering those new packs, I noticed that Pianoteq was updated to v8.0.2. Download from your user area.

I actually had to read the manual to figure out how to get Pianoteq to see the new pack licenses that I’d registered to my account.

Options | Update License


I escaped with only the celeste pack (which I’d been wanting for a Christmas gig coming up).