Pianoteq 7.5 available

Just go an E-Mail that version 7.5 is available.

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Nice! I searched for a change log and found this in their support forums:

Olivier W. wrote

7.5.0 (2021/12/15)

  • Revoicing of NY Steinway D, HB Steinway D, Steinway B, Ant. Petrof, Petrof Mistral, C. Bechstein DG, Steingraeber, Blüthner.
  • Added option for damping notes when the sustain pedal is pressed, either with low velocity note-on MIDI or aftertouch (option available in the velocity menu).
  • It is now possible to disable external tuning (MTS-ESP, MIDI tuning) in a preset.
  • External tuning can switch between continuous (sounding notes are re-pitched) and new notes only (sounding notes do not change).
  • External tuning now sounds much better when the amount of retuning applied to notes is large.
  • (Standard & Pro) New temperament menu entry for importing the current MTS-ESP tuning as a Pianoteq tuning.
  • Fixed sostenuto pedal when used with diatonic mode.
  • Delay reduced when playing with the Celeste pedal at a very low velocity.
  • Metronome volume and speed are now MIDI controlable.
  • Unsaved MIDI mappings can be restored from the midimapping menu, in options / MIDI.
  • Italian manual added.
  • Preview: for advanced users, Pianoteq can be remote controlled with a JSON-RPC api when started with the “–serve localhost:8081” option.

Result :
The revoicing is very good Steinway D, NY and HB are more direct.

By the way, I liked your “gig” on TV (youtube) :wink:


Thank you so much. :slight_smile: :+1:


And your introduction was quite funny :wink:


The recent version is 7.5.1

7.5.1 (2021/12/16)

  • Fix issue with velocity preset not being properly saved.
  • Fix “Preferences…” menu entry being greyed on macOS.
  • Fix crash on macOS 10.9.

The organ widget was amazing! You are a wizard


New release

7.5.2 (2021/12/17)

  • Fixed semi-random freezes of Pianoteq plug-ins, especially when multiple instances are loaded simultaneously.