PDF to ChordPro Utility. Yay!

FYI, the new PDFToGPChordPro app/utility is working nicely for me here. It seems to be independent of GP version numbers. I’m using it successfully with 4.0.54 with no problems.

I’m using an off-white font on a medium gray background for viewing on a dark stage (pure white on black is bad for eye fatigue and readability).

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Curious as to how you got the size right for the PDF file. I spent just a little time with it yesterday and didn’t have any luck with getting the size right. I am going to try again today and any tips you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Well, as I work with it more right now, I’m also struggling with the sizing, as well as the white borders. It seems to be enlarging the PDF in the window no matter how I resize the PDF. I need to play with it some more to and will report back. I’m getting ready for a gig, so will go back to just using plain text in the lyric window until I have time to play with this more. Let’s keep in touch here to let each other know what works.

@ Windows users

You have this free PDF manipulation utility: FREE PDF Tools to Merge, Split, Encrypt, Rotate, Crop, Header, Watermark, Image to PDF, PDF to Image...

It can rotate pages, crop (white space, for example), merge PDFs, split them, etc.

This way you can prepare a PDF file to better suit your needs, and get better results upon conversion.

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I’m on a Mac so I can’t try that. I was under the impression that you would be able to resize the file in GP to fit using the Song Lyrics Chord Editor but offhand it doesn’t look like you can.

I don’t know if this makes a difference but watching Brett demonstrating the PDF feature that on his Song Lyrics Chord Editor there is an Auto Fit Images tab next to the Keep On Top tab.

The Auto Fit Images tab does not appear in my Song Lyrics Chord Editor

As they pointed out in the video that is a pending new feature in the next upcoming release.

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Oops! Didn’t catch that one. Looks like I’ll wait for that feature as it looks like it will be a great help. Hopefully it will be out soon

While the button to disable/enable the auto-fit is not there yet in 4.1.5 the auto-fit (using width) itself should work I think. Have you tried it and it didn’t work?

Using width does work. Is there a way to increase the screen length in the Song Lyrics/ Chord Editor?

Basically I would like to have the ability to re-size the imported PDF files so I can see one whole page at a time without having to squint

Now I guess I’ll wait for “Auto Fit .” :grimacing:

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Me too! When Brett was showing the display of the imported PDF it was definitely larger than on my updated version of GP4 so I would assume having Auto Fit will make a difference

If you resize the width so that a page fits the height for an entire page that would do it.

When I make the song list wider it makes no difference. Is there an option to make the Song Lyrics/Chord Editor screen size larger?

That’s what I meant. Just resize the entire window.

I may be overlooking something but I’m not seeing anyway to resize the entire window. There’s the 3 dots up on the top on the left but only the first dot has a color. The second and third dots are grayed out. Thanks!

Can you simply drag it?

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Yes! Thank you so very much for helping me figure how to do this