PDF-Support, Monophonic-Options, MIDI-Plugins, and some workflow enhancements

First of all I would like to congratulate you to this gorgeous, very useful software. Finally I am able to control all those fancy plugins from one keyboard. Thank you for that!

But as always, there is still room for enhancements.

1. PDF-Support
It would be cool to have a PDF associated with each song, e.g. to display sheet music. The “Move Up/Down” Message should then turn pages in the PDF.
And If you want to do this really clever, each song part could get a “page” field, like that:

  • Verse1 p.1
  • Bridge p.3
  • Refrain p.3
  • Verse2 p.4
    In this case the first “Move up”-Message would simply turn to page 2, without changing the Rackspace, while the second message would change to the Refrain-Rackspace-Variation without turning the page of the pdf. The third Message would finally change both at the same time. This would be a really helpful feature!

2. Monophonic Options
a) I found some inconsistency in the behaviour of the monophonic option of the MIDI-In-Plugin. In “lowest only”-mode, if you hold a key and then press a lower one, the upper key is not cut off. In “highest only” it works as intended.
b) In both modes it is not possible to play legato lines. If you use “highest only”, and play a downward legato line, the sound will stop after the first note. Usually this is solved by playing the lower note, as soon as the upper one is released. (i.e. as soon as the lower note becomes the highest) So if the MIDI-In Plugin receives a “note off” event, it has to check if the released note was previously the highest one, and then send a “note on” for the next lower note, that has been held back up to that point!
c) You could add a 3rd option called “last note only”, which is the most common one at least on all synths I played so far. Should be easier to implement than the above.

3. More MIDI-Plugins
A MIDI-Modifier/Duplicator-Plugin could take the output of a MIDI-In and simply repeat it, or repeat it with slight changes like transposition or velocity scaling.

4. Enhancement to the Backend-Editing

  • select multiple plug-ins and drag them around
  • export a group of plug-ins to reuse them in another rackspace (and combine such exports from multiple old rackspaces) - Ideally together with the associated Widgets
  • scale backend view (zoom in/out) / multiple pages to have more space for plug-ins

5. Enhancements to Front Panel editing

  • undo/redo
  • multi-line Text labels
  • RadioButton-Widget to select key-swiched articulation of an instrument: When an option is selected, a specific “note on” event should be sent.
  • let one widget control more parameters simultaneously (I know, it’s possible to link multiple Widgets, but to have one knob control multiple parameters or the same parameter on different plugins would be nice)
  • move Widget from one panel to another
  • group Widgets (for dragging and aligning simultaneously until ungrouped again)
  • lock Widgets (from accidental moving or resizing)
    By the way: when I use “Make same size” is there a way to predict, which widget will serve as the source?
  • I found an inconsistency in the way the [value]-attribute in a text-label works: When you use it with a capitel ‘V’, it seems to work as well, but only shows the value while you change the knob. When left alone, it simply shows the text “[Value]”. Not a big deal. I now simply use [value], but a bit confusing if you don’t know.

I know, this was a long list of wishes. Perhaps you find some of it worthy to implement. After all, it’s just one month left till Xmas. :wink:

Kind regards,

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“Make same size” – I believe this first one you click becomes the ‘master.’

Thanks for all your suggestions — some of these will be coming in future versions but I can’t say when each specific item might (or might not) show up.

Having said that, see below for comments on a couple of your suggestions

Check out the free plugins from Piz - see this link — you’ll get a lot of mileage from them

Definitely high priority item

This is an interesting philosophical issue. When you try to control multiple parameters, you generally need the ranges to be different for each one (possibly even inverted) — we feel it’s easier to see what’s going on if you have dedicated (albeit grouped) widgets. The downside of course is a bit of clutter although it’s not unreasonable to put the “secondary” widgets on a separate panel and make them really small.

It’s not really an inconsistent. The behavior you describe (only shows the value while you change the knob) is in fact the default, so that is what you would get if you don’t have anything in that field. If you put something that the system doesn’t recognize as special in that field, then that’s what you will see.

The special item [value] is used to replace what you see all the time with the actual value. However, that special keyword is case sensitive which is why [value] works but [Value] won’t.

…and it can be used together with other text, so a user defined caption “VOL [value]” would result in a reading like “VOL -3.1dB” (or whatever kind of value the regarding parameter will generate).