Patch persist

If i change rackspace whith program change, patch persist dont work. If i change rack space on the computer, i works🤔 Any solutions?

Hi I did a short test with a gig and 2 rackspaces,
Each rackspace has only 1 variation.
I gave each variation a different PC number and while playing I sent a PC message from Ableton Live.
I cannot confirm, it is all working as it should.

Where do you get the PC messages from?
While you get a PC message to switch the variation can you please take a look at the global Midi Monitor Window?
Maybe you get an all Notes Off Message before the variation is switched.

I get the program change from my Nord Stage 3. I recordet the midi from the NS3 in my DAW, and its only sending bank select and program change.

Patch persist should work normally without any issues and should not behave differently depending on which method you use to switch your rackspace.

The only thing I can think of is that there is something else going on.
For starters - did you make sure that you go into rackspace properties and enable the Patch Persist checkbox?

Also open your MIDI monitor and make sure that your keyboard is maybe not sending the All Notes Off message when pressing the program change or something else that would stop the notes from playing.

Yes, it could be a good idea to monitor the MIDI in from the Nord.

Can you upload a small gig where this issue exists?

I dont think its possible to upload a video in this forum

I meant your Gig file

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When people talk about a “gig” in these forums, they mostly mean a “gig file” from GigPerformer that contains the rackspces and so the issues you were talking about. :wink: