Patch Persist within 1 Song

My apologies for questions on Thanksgiving day!

Love the patch persist of course. That seems to work well switching between songs. However when I go from song part to another song part, it switches to the new sound.

Is there any way to do the patch persist between song parts, or am I missing a setting somewhere?

or if i need patch persist, then i should not use song parts, but jump to another song?

thanks, Eric

Patch persist is working between rackspaces.
Are you sure you enabled patch persist for the rackspaces used in the song?


To be more precise… the song parts are not using different rackspaces, its the same one, i just have the mixer set to different levels per song part. I had been building each song around 1 rackspace. (so each plugin has its own channel and levels in the mixer)

So, now it appears that if I need patch persist, I would build different rackspaces, and then the patch persist would work when switching song parts?

Yes, will work
Could it be that in the different variations with the mixer you set levels to the minimum?
No wonder that patch persist is not working.
Patch persist works for different rackspaces and is only MIDI related.

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yes, makes sense now… when I change the song part… i am lowering the volume on the mixer to that ‘sound/note’.

I just have to adjust my organization to have multiple rackspaces per song. So, hmmm, when I want to ‘save’ a song to my disk… I now have to think in terms of grouping and keeping multiple rackspaces per song. I will adapt. thank you! Eric