Parameter scaling midi controller prob

Hey there, new user question. I’ve assigned a widget knob to control the volume on an audio mixer in the program. I am trying to get that controlled to an external akai keyboard. I’ve gotten it assigned, however, it doesn’t go from 0 to 100 in increments, rather just goes from 0 to one hundred, nothing in between . The parameter scaling is set to min 0.0 and max of 100. Not sure whats up with that I’m a bit confused, any help would be greatly appreciated!

What do you See as incoming Message in the global midi Monitor Window?

Hey there pp, when I turn the knob it says
0 ADVANCE61 Port 1 CC 14:127 Channel1

pardon me rather CC9: 1 Channel 1

ok, could it be that your hardware knob is setup as relative controller?
Relative does not work out of the box.

You should see increasing CC values.

What is your Hardware - Controller?

By the way @Kester.

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Hi it’s an advance 61 keyboard. Do you know where I would change it so it can change the values properly? Great to be here!

Akai :wink:

How is the exact Name of that?

What controller are you moving?

Just for testing: try to Map the pitch wheel to your widget.

Seems,. it is relative (found in user guide)
7. Encoders: Use these 360o knobs to send MIDI CC or Increment/Decrement messages to your software or external MIDI device.

See page 32

Ok will do I have the bigger version of that one which is the advance 61. Looks like same mapping just less keys. I was mapping it to the first dial on the top right portion of the keyboard. I’ll try the mod wheel. I’ve got to wrangle my daughter for a bit hope to get at this in a little bit! Thanks!

OK, so the mod wheel works with the widget so I’ll have to tweak the knobs it I bet somehow.Ill check out the info on pg 32. I’m also finding that when I assign buttons to bypass certain plugins, they only ever turn on and not off. Am I missing something? Sorry I am on day one of this program lol

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No problem, feel free to ask.

We all here are willing to help.

Bypassing turning on and off makes sense.
What should be in between, fuzzy logic?
Maybe bypassed?

Or do I miss something?

There is a comprehensive online manual that you might want to peek at

Hey Piano Paul, they turn on, but not off. I assign the button widget to bypass, and when I hit it, it bypasses, but when I hit it again to engage the sound, it does not turn off. I think I’m missing something?

Ok you expect getting CC Value 127 it should go on
and then again CC Value 127 it should go off, right?

Try this setting:

Hey that worked!! Thanks so much for the tip, the momentary to latching seemed to do the trick! Many thanks!