Parameter scaling - Invert value


I’m possibly going about this all wrong (it’s been know to happen before), but from the start I’ve extensively used widget LED buttons to turn on/off parameter BlockNoteOn to turn my plugs on/off without risking any stuck midi notes.
I want the LED to be lit when BlockNoteOn is off and vice versa, and thus I always change Parameter scaling from Min 0, Max 100 to Min 100, Max 0.
I’d like a tick box to invert the Min/Max values with just a click.


There is an “Inver value” checkbox specifically for this purpose. So reset your scaling back to normal 0…100 and tick this box and you should be all set.

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:roll_eyes: I was so sure I had already tried that and it didn’t work. And now it does…
Sorry and thanks!


I just remembered why this didn’t work for me.
It’s the sync between my Behringer X-Touch Mini and my Rackspace that doesn’t work (LED on X-Touch goes out when LED on Rackspace goes on and vice versa) unless I set Min to 100 and Max to 0. Invert value doesn’t work in this case.