Paging for long lyric sheets


I would like to be able to page down a lyric sheet with a pedal. I can’t see if that’s available, but it does not look to be so. I tried to use the page down/arrow down on my keyboard but that doesn’t work for me, the only thing I seem to be able to do is use the mouse to scroll. Am I missing something? I’m on Mac OS X


There are currently no MIDI commands for scrolling that windows unfortunately.
We’ll add that as a feature request. Thanks!


Thank You!


I’m using an iPad program to accomplish this but I saw a youtube guy program MS with song sections and switch between those so not sure if similar could be done with GP. When I was having tendonitis issues I have used a Mac program to add up and down keyboard arrows to pedals, just gotta remember what it was called. basically it allowed you to assign a pedal to do any keystrokes you want.