Output meter

I want to add a single meter to indicate overall signal level out of a mixer (either for mono source or LR summed). I’d have thought “output” would have been the ticket but doesn’t seem to be (I’ve no idea what that value is - it seems permanently zero with my setup).
I can use the meter output values but they’re always either left or right and I’d prefer not to have to assign 2 meters per channel. Is there an easy way to do this?
(BTW - stereo meter as a widget would also be handy. As would mono out of a mixer)

All meter widgets are mono so you’d have to have two widgets.

If you really want that - add a simple gain control (mono) and attach your stereo output L+R to its mono input.

Now you can use that mono gain’s parameter to monitor a stereo signal with a single meter widget. You do not have to connect the mono gain plugin to anything.

Ok yeah thanks. I knew that was a method but if you’re using lots of channels it gets pretty messy. Doable but messy. At least I know there’s no prettier solution. Thanks

What is the “output” parameter then BTW?

btw… the “Output” parameter is the output that you have at the bottom of each mixer channel.
You can change on the fly where certain channels go to. E.g. you could change the output of input channels 1-2 to be 3-4 with a widget for example.