OSC feature request



Loving Gigperformer.

It would be great to have OSC messages for asking the current plugins that have OSC enabled.
And an OSC message for asking how many parameters a plugin has.
It would simplify things greatly.

Is that something that will/could be added?

Thanks a lot.


Yes - OSC functionality gets improved all the time, these requests are trivial to add, will put them on our list.
Thanks for the suggestion


This has been implemented. There is now


which will return a list of all plugins to which an OSC handle has been assigned


which will return the number of parameters that plugin ‘foo’ supports

These will be available in the next release most likely with the next few weeks.

Thanks again for the suggestion


Hi David,

I’ve noticed the message /GetOSCPlugins doesn’t return anything anymore. Did it get lost in an update or something?
Or am I somehow doing something wrong?

And could you point me to a up to date reference of the implemented OSC messages? I have the feeling the one that’s on your website is slightly outdated.

Thanks for your support!


Hmmm, I just checked and there are two messages




We are in the process of creating a brand new professionally written manual that will replace the stuff I put together. In the meantime, if you send me your email address, I’ll send you a document that I have been keeping internally that describes the OSC messages. The only problem is that that document contains some OSC messages that have been added since 1.5.1 and not yet released (and won’t be released for a few weeks more)


Thanks David!

It’s working now.

I’m in the proces of creating a Max patch which can morph between different states of vst plugins. GP is wonderfully responsive with OSC messages, which is great!.
Right now I’m querying which OSC enabled plugin are in the rack space. After that I ask how many parameters they each have and then I iterate through all the parameters via OSC to get the current state.
It’s working, but I often wished for a /Refresh/OSC-enabled-vst message. So in other words, to be able to ask for the current state of a specific plugin, so all the parameters would be send via OSC. Or even of every plugin (or the whole rackspace). This would be great in order to minimise the OSC traffic between Max en GP.

Is this something that could be implemented into GP?
I hope so :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your great support.
(wish every software company was this responsive),



Hi David,

A side effect from the way I’m using GP now is that the parameters change a lot because of all the morphing I’m doing.
And GP remembers the last state. So when I switch rackspaces it is always in the state in which I left it. This is not always what is desired.
So I was wondering if it would be possible to send OSC messages to a rackspace which is not active at the time. So I can set it the way I want and then switch to it.
I hope this is a feature you’d consider adding.
Or is there maybe another way in which this is already possible?




There isn’t any way to access a non-active rackspace via OSC at this time. However, the next update (already in test) will have the ability to let you snapshot widget values such that when a rackspace is reactivated, the widgets will be reset to that previous snapshot value rather than just left at their most recent value.