Organize Plugins

I have well over a hundred plugins. Just finding the plugin I want to use is quite difficult, largely because the only organizational structure is by manufacturer, which I could generally care less about. It would be extremely helpful to either search plugins by name (NOT manufacturer) or tag plugins and filter them by tag.

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They had a similar thing in the receptors where all the pianos,synths brass etc were put together in these tags no matter the plugin manufacturers but i think it wouldbe hard to do within gp

You may use the “Quick Plugin Finder” in the menu or by pressing CMD-P / CTRL-P.
This gives you at least a rudimentary search- and filter-functionality.
(See also manual p. 232)
It is also in my opinion, that the handling of plugins should be improved somehow… i think, our brave developers will do their very best. :+1:

Search will definitely help a lot, so thank you very much.

Hello to all,
I also agree with the request for better management of the search for plug-ins. It would be convenient to be able to associate the plug-ins based on their type (EFX, instruments) and then manage the sub-categories where everyone is free to create them according to their preferences (eg producer, genre, …).
An example of what I mean is managed in Cubase.

Thanks for your attention.