Option to wait for audio interface on gig load

I have been trying to set up my windows pc as a headless soft synth for live performance.
Currently, Gig performer launches before Dante Virtual Soundcard is ready, which calls up a “ previous interface not available” dialogue, halts the launch, and (if clicked) re-routes GP to use the current interface (thus losing my multitrack settings.)

Would it be possible to add an option which has GP search for the expected interface until the user chooses to use the available one? Same concept as currently implemented, but “defaulting” to wait for existing?

Thank you for the suggestion.

You can use one of the many “startup delayers” application for windows that allow you to either simply delay the startup of some applications or allow you to create a “dependancy”.

A simple google search yielded this page which has several of these tools available for free:

Hope this helps

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I have tried several of these since your post… thank you for the suggestion.

It does not seem to matter how long i delay Gig Performer startup: DVS fails on the automatic “startup” boot. Attempts to use “dependence” fail because the startup managers don’t seem to track services/.dll, so GP just never starts…

Quitting and relaunching Gig Performer a few times fixes it.

Any other suggestions?

This sounds like an issue with your audio interface.

I’m sure it is.

That said, I doubt I will get any traction on working through Audinate. Any chance it could be addressed from here?

Is anyone else out there using Dante virtual sound card and aiming for a click-free startup?