Option to not show the value when a widget is changed

I use Gig Performer mainly for guitar and I have a footswitch controller on the floor. The main panel of GP reflects the array of real switches with widget switches so I can see what is on or off - and so I can use GP directly without the floor controller in a studio situation.

When I press a widget switch, the value it has changed to shows for a moment (usually this is either 0.0 or 100.0).

My request is an option to not show the value - it is irrelevant to me anyway when I can see the state of the switch (i.e. on or off) but itā€™s also distracting.

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If you set a personalized widget label with an empty field it only displays the value when changing the widget value. Is it OK or is it still annoying for you?

By ā€˜personalized widget labelā€™ do you mean ā€˜Customized captionā€™? If so, then I already use those as labels for the switches.

Thanks for the suggestion but I think my annoyance persists (albeit a small one).

Yes ā€œpersonalized widget labelā€ is probably the french version ā€œcustomized captionā€ :wink:

OK, I understand and agree with you feature request. It is annoying to me too, especially because I often use blank caption not to see them and I still have the values displayed when modifying :confused:

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