Opinion on Nords


Looking to supplement rig with a Nord stage 2 in case computer crashes , any opinions on them?, heard their sounds are free, not sure if much memory …, it’s not an ex


I’ve been playing the Nord Stage 2 (no EX) for 7 years and ~ 400 gigs. Great keyboard, rock solid, very flexible on stage, but no custom samples with velocity layer and release sample support. And no audio interface.


Thanks, using a sl 88 studiologic as master , but if anything crashes I’m in trouble


For what it’s worth, I carry a spare laptop — not worried about Gig Performer but worried more about computer itself failing.
If redundancy is really critical, then check into iConnectivity interfaces, which also allow you to run two machines simultaneously.


But the keybed has velocity ?, il trade my sl 88 studio in for the nord, so I’m hoping it has basic velocity , aftertouch isn’t crucial


Of course it does send velocity values (and also aftertouch)!


I also use my old Electro 3 as Master for GP to have some fallback in case anything fails. Actually that works quiet well. I even mapped all the encoders to control volumes and effects in GP. I even use the buttons to switch the rackspaces and the drawbar buttons to control organ patches.
Works very well.