Opening weirdness

i saved a file in GP 3.6.1 and named it GP 2020, i just tried opening it and it says this file was created by a newer version of gig performer, why wouldn’t this automaticly open under the version it was saved under?

You must have multiple versions of GP installed on your system and only one application can be associated with one file extension.

If you have your .txt files associated with notepad - you could edit it in some other application, but if you double click on it - it will still open in the notepad.

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i’ll just dump the old versoins of gp thanx

I just deleted the older gp version, then i clicked on my gp 2020 file and it thought it was a gp installer, i have a video of the weirdness if you want me to send it

@davepine - you can associate any application with any extension in Windows and in OSX.
Our installer will try to associate things automatically and this generally works well until you start introducing different versions.

This is a Windows / OS related issue and is not related to GP.