Opening instance

Ok, this must be a really stupid question, but how does the second instance work exactly?

I can create a new instance, this opens up a second Gig Performer (empty). You have to give it a name. But this instance always opens up an empty gig. How do I set the second Instance that it automatically opens up the right gig file?

Did you try to set this option in the preferences of the 2nd instance?

How are you opening a new instance…“Create new instance” or “Open Existing Instance”?

Opening an existing instance should take you where you want to be.

Opening an existing instance, but the instance is always empty. Is that normal?
Is there a function to “save instance”?

You have to do as @pianopaul said and make sure the “Load last Gig File on startup” option is checked in each instance of GP. Just doing it in the first instance isn’t enough. Each instance has its own independent settings.

Allright! Thanx all!

You save the new instance just like you save the original instance. Then it should appear in the “Open Existing Instance” menu.

There isn’t a function save instance. Do you mean I have to save the second instance as a gig file?
And then open last saved file?

What would be the difference between instances if the instance itself doesn’t contain info? I understand the load last gig file but which (practical) settings are also independent.

Starting a new GP instance is like starting GP a second time with its own different settings. Those that have probably to be identical when using a single audio interface are those related to the audio interface (e.g. same frequency and buffer size). Like in the main instance the settings of any other instance are saved automatically.

So you don’t save the second instance as a gig file, but you need a gig file for the second instance to do something.

Thanx! All clear