Open automatically GP instances and easy instances switch

I dream of a way to open automatically the other GP instances when starting the main GP instance. It is quite boring to have to start all the instances from a menu of the main GP instance. I have a script that starts everything I need for playing, and then I need a mouse to start the additional GP instances, I really don’t like this when I am in « musician mode ».

Furthermore, it could be nice to have a way to switch from an instance to the other when in full screen mode using the touch screen (and/or a MIDI or OSC message). For now the keyboard based ALT-TAB switching method (Windows) works, but I need a keyboard and the full screen option is lost when switching.

What do you think about introducing a paramagnetic to the GP executable which specifies the name of the instance to open?

This would enable the startup of custom instances via (shell) scripting without much overhead :slight_smile:

Why not, there are many possibilities for what I am requesting and all are probably satisfying to me.