On variation Select send out midi program change to midi out port


Hey everyone!

I’m back with another problem. Basically, my gig setup is two keyboards, a Moxf6 and a Roland A-500pro midi controller. So I wanted to have two variations for each rackspace namely moxf and A500. For the purpose of controlling the desired rackspace from either controller when necessary. The reason is I sometimes use tones from the Moxf as well. So during that time, I’ll need access to a rackspace through the A500 and during other times I might need access to the same rackspace from the Moxf while I use another rackspace on the A500.

I tried using the widgets to send the program change message but since every widget has a min and max value it is a problem. this is a problem when playing in the song mode as I might want to keep the same tone in the moxf but change the tone in the A500 but, doing so will change the tone in my moxf too.

  one option is to make two rackspaces from each tone. 

or is there a way to send program change messages through gp script? I tried looking for a function but I could not…

I tried working something out…



You could use widget groups and each widget is mapped to a different Keyboard.
This way you can control the same plugin parameter from more than 1 controller.


I’m sorry I didnt really understand what you said… :confused:


Oops thought you just use your keyboards to control Gig Performer Widgets.


do you think there is a way to send program change messages through gpscript?


Please take a look at Song Part Properties.
Exactly this should be possible

Just define 2 Midi Out Plugins (each for you 2 synths) and give it different names.
Then you can send PC messages when the Song Part is activated.
You can send more than 1 message


oh wow… didn’t get that far… I will definitely look into this!!! :smiley: Thank you buddy! :smiley:


LEGEND!! :open_mouth:


The link “Open helper tool” really helps :wink:


woohooo you are awesome!! thanks buddy!! works like magic!! :smiley:

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You are welcome

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