Omnisphere - assigning CC11

I wanted to create a foot pedal widget and associate it with CC11, link it to the volume control in Omnisphere and then scale it. So, I tried doing it in the normal way I have done with other plugins IE:

 1) Create a block for Omnisphere, and then create a volume pedal widget
 2) Click on "open plugin"
 3) Click on "Learn Parameter" 
 4) Click on the Volume control in the Omnisphere plugin window
 5) Assign a MIDI controller from my keyboard
 6) Scale the CC11

Unfortunately, I got stuck on step 4. The pedal widget should have moved when I moved the Omnisphere control to let me know GP acknowledged my choice on controls… but it didn’t! It then tried this same process using Zebra2 instead of Omnisphere and everything worked as expected. Any ideas of what is happening?

Without owning Omnisphere myself, i guess you probably have to enable “host automation” in the plugin manually first. (NI’s Kontakt behaves similar).


Thank you, that did the trick :slight_smile:

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