Omnisphere 2 - Arpeggiator latched questions

Hello, I’m wondering something regarding the arp.
I want to play live with it and I’d like it to be latched, but that it really change chord when I press each time new keys, in order to pass from a chord to another.
Is that possible ?
For now when it is latched, if I change chord, it will just add it to the original chord…so it’s quite dissonant :smiley:
Thanks if you have any ideas !

I tried to reduce the number of note polyphony to 4, but strangely, it doesn’t really work.

Load this gig, Your keyboard should send on Midi Channel 2
When you press the widget so that it is on and you press a chord, the chord plays until you press a new chord.
When you press the widget, so that it is off, the played chord stops.

Hope that helps

@LeeHarvey Thx for your script :wink:
AutoSustainer.gig (47.4 KB)

Hehehe thank you ! I’ll try that. The thing I wrote is quite hard to play si I’m not sure pressing a widget will make things easier :slight_smile:
But maybe I didn’t understood well ! Gotta try :slight_smile:

The widget is only there to enable the latch or disable.
It is not needed while playing.

Whaouuuu gonna try that tomorrow! You’re a gentle nerd :slight_smile: