Oberheim Clone - Eight Voice from Cherry Audio

Whoaa… this looks wild!

It’s an Oberheim Eight Voice clone, and it’s on sale for $29 at the moment!
I’ll have to sleep a night over this… tempting! :star_struck:

It seems “everyone” is doing an 8 voice…

GForce sounds fantastic

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What about bx_oberhausen or Arturia SEM in comparison?

A guy on Facebook wrote the following about the comparison:

Michael C. Morrise

Arturia SEM V and bx_oberhausen are basically permanently in “group edit mode”, meaning you edit one SEM and it’s the same sound for all voices. Arturia SEM V has an “8 voice programmer” tab with six slots for per-voice alteration of SEM parameters, but it’s a pain to work with.

With GForce OB-E and Cherry Audio Eight Voice, you get full control over each individual SEM, plus onscreen feedback.

So i guess, for that price there seems to be no real competition on the plugin-market.

It is like having eight instances of the others? Well, one sound per voice, this is something for @keyman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep! doing it all the time, with all plugins I can get my hands :wink: pseudo MPE"ing" those that can’t do it.
Easy to do with the help of GP !!
Right now no funds, for new stuff.

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This looks promising. I owned the original 4-Voice Oberheim back in the day. Should have never sold it. I have bx_oberhausen and Arturia Matrix 12, but I can’t resist a good OB plugin, especially at this price. I wonder about CPU load.

Do not get me started on stuff I shouldn’t have sold back in the day :unamused:

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I couldn’t resist … :innocent:

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#metoo :innocent:

How is the CPU usage?

Seriously considering this one too - it looks like a lot of fun and it sounds great.

On Windows 10 my GP-File has 38 Rackspaces:

Eight Voice plus TDR Limiter6 GE plus backing track: playing CPU 25 % quiet: CPU 11 %

for comparison:

Hammond B-3X plus TDR Limiter6 GE plus backing track: playing CPU 28 % quiet: CPU 20%

I haven’t tried on my MacBookPro yet.

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With Eight Voice alone, i couldn’t bring it above 25% - with U-He’s Diva i could easily go beyond 40%
So i would say, the CPU usage is quite moderate.


I downloaded the demo and it seems gorgeous. Price is acceptable. I think I will buy it tonight

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Yeah, i think for $29 it’s actually a no-brainer… i like the sounds very much!

Is the G-Force OB-E significantly better than Cherry Audio’s offering? There is a sale on OB-E today for $99.00

I only can say, for that price - take it :wink:

I have the Cherry Audio one … fir $22.00 you can’t go wrong. … but should I get the OB-E for $99.00?