OB-6 Local Off issue

I’m experiencing a strange behavior with my OB-6 synth:

  • OB-6 connected USB-midi.
  • I’ve set my OB-6 to local off and play the OB-6 thru Midi in > Midi Out block on GP.
  • When switching presets the OB-6 display a different preset in the LED. but the sound and parameters don’t switch and I keep hearing the same sound.

This error doesn’t happen when I do this in Logic or Ableton. But in MainStage I have the same problem. Why is there a difference with this in MainStage / GP vs Logic / Ableton?

Hope anyone can help!

GP: 1.8.1
OB-6: 1.0.0

GP 1.8.1 “ist älter als der Böhmerwald”


… so sorry. 3.8.1

when you switch presets, are you switching rackspaces also?

No, just switching presets on the OB-6. GP is as simple as:Schermafbeelding 2021-01-11 om 21.40.31

It works when I put the OB-6 in Local On mode

when you connect a midi monitor plugin to the midi in, what does it show when you switch a preset?

Nothing happens. When I switch Local On, this is shown in Midi Monitor:

and this happens when I switch to local Off:

If you use MIDI In (OMNI) and connect it to the MIDI Out device - that device MAY send back some data which will then again be sent to MIDI Out creating a loop

Please right click on the MIDI In (OMNI) and change the MIDI device to a specific device. If you are using the same device - try inserting a MIDI Filter and blocking events that you don’t want to go out.


I changed the midi input device to OB-6.
Inserted midi filter and only allow the notes on and notes off to pass.

Nothing changed. Same Problem.
As soon as I switch the OB-6 to local ON, the problem is gone.

Try to inlcude a Midi Filter plugin and block all CC messages coming in 6, 38, 98 and 99

I’ve blocked everything but the midi notes on / off, still the same problem

Ok what happen when you do not connect the Midi In Block with the Midi Out Block.

Please test this way:

Set Local Off
Switch your preset
Set Local On

Now when you play, is the new sound selected?

No, stays the same sound

Seems it is an issue with OB-6 and local off

I thought of that too. I contacted the sequential tech support.
But it doesn’t happen with Logic and Ableton??!?

Hang on – can you please be more specific about what you’re actually doing?
Where are you switching presets?

If you block everything except noteon and noteoff messages, you’re certainly not going to be able to pass program change messages.

Are you expecting Gig Performer to receive program changes and send them back out again? If so, have you checked the Pass unused PC messages box in Options?


YES! that’s it: PASS UNUSED PC MESSAGES. Thanx so much!
I’m sorry I never saw that function. This problem didn’t occur with all my other hardware synths.

Should I see the incoming PC messages in the midi monitor (cause I don’t).
I was switching presets on the OB-6 (1-9 buttons).

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That doesn’t make sense – if you don’t check that box, then PC messages will not be passed through so none of your synths should respond, if they have Local Off enabled

Synths like Yamaha Montage, Motifs, still switch there sounds (on the hardware) with that boxed unchecked. This was the first synth that didn’t do that.
The Yamaha keyboards can switch presets, regardless Local On or Off

Then either there is no Local Off option or those synths were set to Local On.

No magic here.