Nouveau around here... no $2 bills

I only want to play (for now) my guitar through a Scarlett 2i2 DAW.
I go to the 2nd Mode and begin Adding plug ins and I connect them.
Scarlett—Fuchs ODS50—Rooms—Out
Ive added flange, delay and chorus and have those dialed in.
But I only get a mono in from Scarlett. And it all sounded so much better the day I bought it.
Now it sounds trebly, muffled and bad.
And it’s all coming out my left headphone speaker. And everything works fine when I’m not connected to Gig Performer.

I’ve looked at Videos.
I’ve hunted for loading errors.

Can somebody please help me with how to use GIG Performer solo for just practicing?
Point me towards a good video on how to use it just for practicing?



Does this helps?

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Hi Wick, welcome to the forum!

Can you post a screenshot of your connections view - where you add and connect plugins - to see if we can help diagnose this?


Screenshots will definitely help. Does your Fuchs plugin default to a mono input like this?

You can set it to mono input by right-clicking the plugin block and select ‘Bus Layout’.
Otherwise, this achieves the same thing - connect the same input on your audio in block to each input channel on the Fuchs plugin:

The Rooms plugin also defaulted to a single mono input, so I changed it to a stereo input by using the same ‘Bus layout’ option.

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Thank you so much for your help- I should have thanked you sooner.
The fact you can change input numbers was all I needed to know. So now I have one input on the Fuchs and 2 outputs (as opposed to one).
I’ve watched a few videos now and am thoroughly enjoying GP. Definitely will be buying the standalone version. Will GP run UAudio or are the ones I bought for my Apollo proprietary?
Thanks again- I’m totally psyched!

hi wick - GP can use UAD plugins only if you’re using your apollo as the interface.

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I have been a schizo UAudio interface user for several years. I buy one, use it, jam it up for lack of memory frequently, then ditch it. I think they ought to allow PlugIn Alliance the use of their plug ins since they are so good and Gig Performer 3 seems a better way to skin the cat of Disk usage/memory.

I’m really loving using the cheap Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and wonder if another (read, “more expensive”) Sound In / Out device would make a noticeable diff in sound quality? Can anybody hereon say whether this is so?

But I sure have a bunch of “useless” UAudio Plugins hanging around…

It’s a question that always divides people in this forum… I bought my RME UCX after a double blind test playing a VST piano. My conclusion was that it sounded much better that the other audio interface I compared. I didn’t do the test with audio in. In order to decide I bought audio interfaces from an online shop (, did the double blind test and sent the unwanted audio interfaces back. In my opinion it is the best way to decide.

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Thanks for the considered reply. I appreciate it.