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Hi all,

So I am using one of my footpedal controllers (momentary) to trigger a “One Shot” sample in Kontakt via Note On. My issue is, in the previous variation, the same pedal is used to toggle a phase shifter, and when I get to the Kontakt trigger, I have to hit the pedal twice for it to send the Note On signal.

Is there a way around this?

Can you upload a small gig showing the issue?

I can later this evening, Paul.
Thank you…


I know people don’t like a suggestion to buy more gear on question like this, however I thought I man can never have enough instruments or accessories. I use this in addition to Nektar Pacer, to compliment a few more things such as this. If you have a few more momentaries and/or a foot expression, then this is a great ad on. 50bucks on Amazon. Connects and is powered via USB. So then you could have 2 more foot toggles and one expression pedal. Here is a link if it interests you.

Have also a look here:

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@Glen and @David-san

Those are very cool! Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t really need any of those now because my Hammer 88 has an extra pedal input I use for “auxiliary” needs.

When I tried to mimic the issue in the form of a small GIG file for @pianopaul to look at, I was unable to reproduce the problem…so it must be how I have it all mapped out. I will revisit it over the weekend.

However, for anyone reading: I am using this pedal to trigger a one note sample. Sometimes the sample in question needs to be held down (ie: the sample is looped), other times (like this one), the sample is a “one shot” meaning that it only needs to be triggered and not held, and the sample will play out until it reaches the end. It is the latter example I am having a problem with.

To be fair, in trying to replicate the issue to provide a small GIG, I left out every other instance of me using this Aux Pedal across my master GIG. That must be part of the issue, because when I created a stand-alone instance for this, it worked perfectly as required.



Do you use “one shot” sample in Kontakt?

Yes - when I map my custom samples, I either create regions and loop them, or I define it as a One Shot to be able to trigger the sample and let it play out to the end.

OK, that is OK, like battery does.