Nord Stage Classic as controller

Hey all, not long ago my Sl88 Studio got damaged. The repair cost was almost equal to a new board so I’m currently using my old Stage Classic as a controller. Suffice to say, the Sl88 played much more nicely with many of my AP and EP plugins. I haven’t had a moment to really dive into the various softwares to try and tweak away but I’m wondering if it’s even worth it. Any thoughts on whether I can get some nice VST to controller touch response using the nord?

I’m not quite sure I’ve understood your question. You are talking about the keyboard itself and the way the plugins (pianos / e-pianos) response to it in terms of velocity? You don’t need a VST for that. You can tweak the settings of your MIDI In to make it work better with your plugins. Adjust the Min, Max, From and To values in the Velocity section to scale or constrain the velocity values.

More kinds of curves like “hard” or “soft” or custom ones would be great to have in GP but are currently only possible via scripting.