No Sound Groove Agent 5

I a discovering GP3 !!! enormous

A strange or not thing :wink:
When I start the play button in GP3, the GA5 is starting … I see the steps … but no sound …
I have to presse the play button in GA5

Maybe it is normal ?

Thank you

I know that from superior Drummer, there is an option that the plug-in should by synced to the host.
I do not know if there is similar in groove agent.

This I found in the user guide of Groove Agent

Follow Transport

If Follow Transport is activated, you can use the transport functions in the DAW to start and stop playback both in the DAW and in Groove Agent. This allows you to record an audio track in your host application while Groove Agent plays the drums, for example.


works !!! thank you Beaucoup !!!

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