No BIT related functions/maths?

Bit related maths I thought would be fundamental to managing midi…having used everthing from Visual Basic/Script , Bome, NI KScript for Kontakt and quite a couple more; its the absolute best way I have found to manage algorithmic handling of midi…parametric control is a bit tough without it?
ie BITSET, BITTEST, AND/OR/XOR etc are so useful.

Am I missing something?

I believe and/or/not are all available to use.
Maybe some practical examples of what you’re looking to achieve would help others provide some advice.

BITAND is different to AND…etc
Its more for making really tight code ie using integer for flags
1 2 4 8 etc
1 = Flag 1
2 = Flag 2
1+2 = F1 + F2
Then using bittest etc

Prob not worth going through it but once you are use to it…you notice it missing;
Will get around it…cheers

Did you try it?


Yes - the documentation for GP Script :slight_smile:

I’m wondering however what exactly you’re trying to do that requires these operators. What do you mean by “parametric control”?

Well I did a search first before doing anything…yes I RTM generally…imagining that I wouldnt have to drill down that deep and didnt see anything

and then just too make sure I searched bitwise, thinking it was unique

Ill do a bit of code when I get a chance and go by example

You’re searching the regular user guide — GP Script has its own documentation

ah…that confirms that its bedtime for me…I had both open and didnt even notice I was typing in the wrong manual search
Good night…and what are you doing up @dhj ???
Too much coffee? hehe

Thanks…will try again when Im awake.

Sleep is seriously overrated :tired_face:

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Not if you have a sleeping problem like I do ever since a brain injury from American football in 1965.

Well that would seriously suck…that is my birth year.

Im in Sydney and watched that movie ‘Concussion’ and thought…what are those guys doing in the US…hehe probably similar here with football league but no protection.

Praying for your healing…it can happen. I do love the Carolyn Leaf stuff on the brain…its life changing.

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