NI S61 Question

I know this topic has been covered a lot in the past but I still cannot understand fully the limitations of this controller with GP so apologies if I have missed the answer somewhere.
I understand that the keyboard is only fully funcional when the NI Kontrol software is installed on the computer but in that case does it open up access to other plugins as well or can you only see the NI ones?
I already have NI Komplete so this wouldn’t be an issue for me but I also use many other VST’s ( eg Arturia V Collection, IK etc).
I have been searching for a good midi controller keyboard with up to 76 waterfall keys as a second keyboard for use with GP and my Kawai MP11SE but it seems that almost everything I look at has problems with either poor quality keybed or lack of functions, I will even consider a full synth keyboard to get a decent keybed but it would make sense to go for the cheaper controller option if I could find a decent one.

The Komplete software also recognizes other plugins and shows them in the displays (maybe not all that you own, but as far as i remember, Arturia was shown). But this only happens if the keyboard is switched to “plugin mode” (which automatically happens if you use the software), and in this mode it loses its usability benefits in GP (no more freely configurable buttons & knobs, which will affect the use of widgets and such)!
So in my opinion there are only two possibilities:

  • use the Kontrol software and switch to “plugin mode” for colorful display shows and funny plugin handling, or
  • use the “midi mode” to freely configure all the knobs&buttons and get best support in GigPerformer, but only have two very basic monochromatic displays with no more than a bit of text & numbers.
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Thanks schamass, helpful reply as always.

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BTW: I find the Kurzweil PC4-7 quite appealing… 76 keys, aftertouch, lots of control elements and not really heavy for such a big device.
Only caveat: Rather expensive!

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Kontrol software access every plugin that is NKS compatible. This include all of Arturia and U-he things, something else too, easy to be checked on internet product pages.
This is perfect for a sound hunting session, absolutely useless if you play live with GigPerformer. Because you lose all midi interaction like widgets
So I use Kontrol at home while choosing presets, but not live.
For the 73 keys controller I think new Yamaha’s are perfect. They aren’t cheap but both CP73 and YC73 for my fingers are extremely good. Nice weighted keys but not hard, not heavy to be carried away, top class internal sounds and audio board via USB. Killer mix of features…
I am planning to sell my Montage7 to buy an YC73!

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