Newbie question regarding sending patches out to external synth

i watched this video and was able to create midi out block

the midi codes i put in were,
outXWP1:xB1 0 105,xB1 32 0,xC1 1

changes to external synth didn’t occur…

i tried to use midi monitor and didnt see anything going out, not sure if using midi monitor correctly, might try midiox

  1. perhaps not using right format in midi codes from the “web tool”
  2. tried different midi ports like 1 and 2, to match keyboard settings
  3. is there anyway to have GP listen for the midi change codes using the midi out port from the external synth to “learn” what specific midi commands to use?

any ideas how i can get this to work?

I don’t see anything wrong with the codes you entered but without actually seeing the names of your MIDI ports and/or MidiOut block handles, I can’t tell whether outXWP1 is correct

i am going to suspend my research into GP but when the time comes, i believe this is the route to take, it’s a big committment moving from hardward synths on stage to using GP but it will come over time.
now if i can find vst with the quality of a Nord stage 3!
thanks for all your help

  • Pianoteq (Physical modeling) for acoustic piano
  • Blue3 for Hammond Organ + Leslie
  • TH-U for effects pedals
  • any of a gazzillion plugins for doing synth stuff
    • The Legend for just Mini Moog
    • Arturia if you want a ton of vintage keyboards
    • Serum is also an amazing synth


@pcshme, in the connection view you have to have the MIDI out block which is connected to your hardware synth. Then name it outXWP1


And it should work.