Newbie Gig Performer questions

Complete newbie to Gig Performer.
As an ex-organist I Play a Yamaha Genos with a Casio digital piano as a lower keyboard and Midi Bass Pedals.
The bass pedals and lower keyboard are linked by midi to the Yamaha Genos.
I can assign any sound to the upper keyboard, lower keyboard and bass pedals.
What I want to be able to do is to play a midi backing track (Basically just a drum track and a few other things.)
I want to be able to switch instruments as the song is playing automatically.
So for instance at the start of the song the top keyboard is a trumpet, lower keyboard is a piano and the bass pedal is a Double bass.
Bar seven then needs to change the top keyboard to a clarinet, lower to a trombone and the bass pedals to a Tuba for example etc etc
There will be several changes of instruments throughout the song.
Is this something that Gig Performer could do?



This can be done by Gig Performer very easy
Steaming audio file player with marker actions to switch rackspace variations or song parts.
Or send midi messages to external gear