Newbie asking for step by step - how to,,,

I just want the midi command that hits GP from my external program (Mobilesheets) to be redirected to the setlist and change the song from #1 to #2 (example)

where do i create a “block” in the diagram and how to i redirect or filter the midi action to the setlist.

as you can see in following images, i am sending the midi as seening in GP midi monitor…thanks mike

and i dont understand why i am getting a feedback error in Loopmidi
causing it to be muted (like locked).

below is the external controller (the mobilesheets program) sending thru loopmidi

i would send more images but restricked by “new user” policy

Welcome to the GP community forum :wink:
You should be able to post your picture now. Your connection view should be interesting for us to help.

“Loop” gives it away. Are you using MIDI Omni blocks? If so, that’s why you’re having the problem. A Midi Omni block receives MIDI from all ports so if you send something out to a virtual port (like LoopMIDI) it will come right back in again.

here’s a review of what i am seeing, i would hope someone would direct me (step by step) to where to create a block, how to forward to setlist,
and why would this type of input have to be added to each rackspace, shouldnt it come in globally or is there is setlist only bock/filter?

here’s my rackspace setup (not using midi(omni)

here’s the midi monitor

why it shows, ‘pitch wheel’ no clue

here’s the setup in my external program

and here’s loopmidi screen, NOTE Cantabile support said i needed lookmidi as both software are in same computer and need to be cabled togeather, how do i get support from GP if needed, it seems a long road with the forum as the answers are not step by step, mostly general responses

i appreciate the help, but things are as simple as the docs say,

Can you upload your gig?

sure see attached
mikesgig.gig (22.6 KB) , remember as a newbie who is evaluating, i may be literate in the synths i have, the hardward, etc but know little or nothing of GP, other than i want to ask and try enough to make a purchase decision. i dont want to buy and start with a software program if it’s not right for me… boy Cantabile certainly wasn’t going to work as , general support took 48 hours and quite vague answers.

Why are you using the MIDI Out in the rackspace RHODES?

Basic tutorial

Because each rackspace can have a completely different set of plugins connected together. This allows you to switch from one set of sounds to a completely different set of sounds instantaneously, even in the middle of a beat while you’re playing.

When you switch rackspaces, the pitchwheel is reset for each channel automatically

The main support page has references to numerous resources for support. There’s a full online user manual, a knowledge base, video tutorials, a blog in which there’s actually a specific article about Midi feedback and of course these community forums.

In general, it’s hard to provide step-by-step examples for every possible operation that someone might want to do, there’s way too much functionality in the system to come up with everything in advance, though quite a few things are already described on these forums or in the user guide, KB or videos by now.

Sometimes we have to sleep!

no clue, i removed with same results,
let’s look at it another way
say i have a foot pedal that turns pages, well i would want it to advance to the next song in the setlist, HOW WOULD THAT BE DONE,
i can make a controller send a midi message, how to make GP see it properly and tell the setlist (not a plugin) to use the program change like how to redirect to setlist, should be more obvious?

say i have a foot pedal that turns pages, well i would want it to advance to the next song in the setlist, HOW WOULD THAT BE DONE,

That is easy:
In the preferences for Global MIDI you can learn Midi messages for Move up and Move Down
which for example moves 1 down or up
In SetList Mode this would select the next or previous Song Part.
And for others like Play/stop or Tap Tempo

i understand about manuals, guides, videos ,and support, and always look to them as resources, but i have one issue and question, so if you all whom use GP know where in those guides, videos etc. are the answer please direct me, other users say, YES GP can do it, but if think about using the concept of a midi controller or pedal to send the midi codes to GP, how do we redirect it to the setlist for song selection? that’s really all i am asking,
again thank you in advance, not trying to push any buttons,

Our community here excels at trying to help new users as their time permits, they don’t need to be shouted at.

What is your MIDI pedal spending out? PC messages or some other messages?

i have seen the global screen, ‘when i have the setlist displayed’ is that setlist mode? if yes, then how would the learned global controller setting be ‘directed’ to the next song (program?) i dont see where that is selected ,"“In SetList Mode this would select the next or previous Song Part.”"

again, trying to not shout, but as your time is valuable , i dont want to abuse your time, , just wanted to find out how to get an incoming midi message to get into GP and directed to song select in the setlist, the midi monitor shows my loopmidi port is sending , although not the right commands, but i can figure that out later.

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In the preferences for Setlist you should be able to assign a midi message for Next Song and for Previous Song:

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the “pedal” was used to describe as an example, any controller sending GP a midi message, it’s my program Mobilesheets that is sending program changes to my synth, i want it to send midi program changes to GP and be redirected as a song change request, thank,s

thanks, now that makes sense, tommorrow after practice i will put my rig back togeather and give all these concepts a run thru,

When you are in song mode, you can double-click on a song part and set a specific program change.

As for receiving program change messages, you can control that from Global MIDI (in Options) and you would select your virtual MIDI port for input.

This is documented in our user guide. See the bottom of this page

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thank you all for the above help, i will try to be more patient,

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