New Version Analog Lab 4


I tested with Ableton 10 and created a Live Set which uses Analog Lab 3.
Then I installed Analog Lab 4 - Analog Lab 3 was removed.
Then I opened my Live Set and it now included the new Analog Lab 4.
When I do the same with Gig Performer, it is searching for Analog Lab 3 and does not automatically search for Analog Lab 4.

I would like that Gig performer automatically checks that there is a new version and load in this
example Analog Lab 4.


Stupid question, but did you rescan plugins? If so, did AL4 get added to the list?


Yes, I did and then both versions have been shown in the plugin list.


When a plugin name/file changes and the old one gets removed - GP will display both, but obviously you cannot create a plugin if the old file is not there.
There is a menu item in the plugin manager to remove missing plugins from the list.

Unfortunately you still have to manually replace the old plugin with the new one


I understand what the plugin manager does.
I got an explanation from Arturia, they said the ID of the plugin remains the same.
In Ableton Live automatically the new plugin version is loaded and the loaded state of the plugin is OK.
I think Gig Performer identifies the plugin by name and because the name has changed there is no chance for Gig performer to load the new version.


I created a live set with Analog Lab 3.
Save the set.
Installed Analog Lab 4 - this automatically removes Analog Lab 3.
Loaded the set and now Analog Lab 4 was loaded in the set.
Then I reinstalled manually Analog Lab 3.
Reloaded the Live Set and now again Analog Lab 3 was loaded in the Set.

Would the same be possible with Gig Performer?

This is the 1st time I see that a new versions remoces an older version - why do they do that when the name changes from Analog Lab 4 to Analog Lab 3?


The Analog Lab 3 is disabled in my panel. Why? 9apps Lucky Patcher


Because the installation routine of Analog Lab 4 removes old Analog Lab3 files.
That is documented on the Arturia Web Sites.