New user - many questions

Sorry friend but you misunderstand. This is not an audio driver problem. If a software is utilizing a midi device, another software can not use it, in Windows. This is a well known Windows midi problem.

Well, I think I understand it quite well!

But it can have something to do with inputs and outputs.

Anyway, the question still remains: Is there a limit on the number of inputs and outputs for GP? If not, why will GP not open if I increase the number of inputs and outputs?

I use Bome, and create multiple virtual MIDI ports that route to various instances.

I have Bome and was trying to set it up this morning to do this but if Bome allows to mix together two controllers and then take that combination and copy that to two different software, I’m not seeing how that is possible. Do you have insight?

Sigh — my point is that the number of tracks in a DAW is completely independent of the number of physical input and output channels and the physical input and output channels are what drive how much drive must ultimately pass through the system.

When you create a track, you can make the track be mono, stereo, maybe 5.1, 7.1 and that will impact the amount of data that the plugin on that track has to handle but you generally cannot create a track that has 80 outputs on it.

There are no tracks in Gig Performer so the audio path is always driven by the number of physical channels.

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Perhaps give a small example of what you’re trying to accomplish and how you want things routed, and then I’ll be able to better assist you (or someone else will also).


I totally understand, been using DAWs since Cakewalk 3.1 in 1994 (I think). And I do appreciate very much your help. I really do, getting this help to hopefully get this setup towards how I envision working really speaks volumes to an already very positive GP experience so far.

We have all of these wonderful tools and in the process of using my imagination of how I might fulfill my creative life, I have the possibility to utilize inputs and outputs. They are there.

So the question still is, does GP have a limit? If so, what is it? If not, then I have a bug to solve in that GP will not open past 64 inputs and 72 outputs.

72 outputs, really and physically available on your sound card?

Ok. I have two Yaeltex controllers that are setup right now to control everything in my main GP template.

But once I separate that template into two instances, now I have to get all of those controls to the two instances.

So two controller, two instances. But I don’t want one controller per instance, that would be useless to me.

So I need to combine both controllers into one virtual midi port/cable and then duplicate that port/cable so that each can go to a different GP instance. Is that making sense?

On Mac I am using Loopback and can simulate 64 outputs.
and there are shown

How does your audio out block look?

And how does your audio options show?

Physical outputs are 24. With MOTU AVB, could certainly go a lot higher but currently only utilizing 24 physical outputs.

But virtually, MOTU’s Pro Audio Control allows me to create a lot more virtual audio inputs and outputs than that. If you haven’t used their matrix, it is really awesome. 2021 is such a great time to be a creative musician.

I guess y’all really want to know, haha.

I’m using Circular Labs Mobius, 32 tracks of it, and I use the MOTU system to route tracks from guitar, bass, vox, drums, in various ways, to effects pedals etc, from Mobius into GP. Then I use the midi controllers to allow me to mute/solo different paths, turn on and off some plugins etc.

And then I use virtual tracks to record what I am doing.

Yes, I am pushing the limits of what this all can do, but I’m so close to being there. So close.

OK, I See what you are trying to do.
But that all is a overkill and with windows …

The issues with multi client MIDI and Audio I do not have an Mac.

Well, definitely won’t be switching at this point, haha

I have been working on this setup for a long time. And I am so so close. I played with it last night and it was awesome, so much fun. But I did start to get some crackling when pushing it at points.

The multiple instance thing potentially solves it, if I can get the midi controllers to work.

And would be great to get more than 72 outputs so I could record all paths separately instead of combining some of them.

How looks your Audio Out Block in Gig Performer and how looks your Audio Setup in the Gig performer Options window=?

When you’re using Bome, you can rout each controller to multiple output ports. So, in this example I have Yaeltex 1 and Yaeltex 2 set up to both route to virtual ports 1 and 2.


Then in each instance of GP, in Options>MIDI Ports, you assign one of the ports to each.

In the Wiring screen you can add the respective MIDI blocks from those ports and proceed as you wish.

It is showing 60 inputs and 64 outputs. In MOTU Pro Audio Control, I have 64/72 enabled. So GP is dropping 4/8, which I had not noticed yet that I can recall.

Cakewalk 3 was not a DAW, just a MIDI sequencer.

It’s probably 4,096 but I’ve never used more than 32 myself and that was only for recording the inputs from an X32

However, it wouldn’t surprise me if some plugins make assumptions about the maximum number of audio channels.

Have you tried creating an empty GP gig with your 85 channels? Does that crash too, or is it only when you start adding some plugins?

Is GP dropping them or does the ASIO driver not expose more than 64?

GP won’t open if I go beyond 64/72 in MOTU Pro Audio Control.