New to GP - Basic Understanding Question

I tried a mock entry of my setup & learned something from it. My situation is I am using older computers - in my studio, a 2014 iMac w/ 32gb ram & my 2017 MacBookPro w/ 16gb ram is in my bedroom. At a gig, I will probably bring my laptop & digital audio interface RME FireFace UFX, unless I decide to upgrade the laptop. In my test, which I made in my studio, I notice the opening entry is that of the digital audio interface, the RME & the final entry ends with the RME output. There is NO mention of any specific computer, so my question is - If I create my Gig Performer entries on my iMac, can I use that file on stage with my MacBookPro, whether it be the old or a new one? I am sensing that as long as my plugin folders & related preset locations are the same, there shouldn’t be any problem. You may wonder why I don’t just use my laptop to create the GP files - fair question. The RMX is in studio with 32gb ram, while my current laptop only has 16gb ram & is in my bedroom. I can’t move RME to bedroom, but will take it to the gig. Obviously, I will try using the laptop in my studio before ever going out to make sure it all works, but I need to understand how GP works & get the hang of what I am doing before I get started. Thanks…OvR

There you have it ! you just gave the awnser!

I do this all the time (on iMac connect everything) and the test, Test and refine.

Welcome around to the GP family!!


the point is, as you figured out:
you need to have all relevant VST/AUs on both computers.
If one plugin would be missing, …say by accident, would the Gigfile still load,
but the relevant plugin would be shown as “missed”, and it would be deactivated.
so you get your feedback, and could install any missing plugin afterwards.
( there is a global setting: “rescan plugins on startup” / but there is also a manual command to do that / so: don´t worry )

the other thing is the CPU load !
But since your laptop is the newer one…it might be the more powerful one.
otherwise can you allways juggle with buffer sizes…

If your Gig file was made, using a specific audio interface,
and you would load that gig file, say, on another comuter, but your audio interface was missed, will you get an error message at the startup, click continue.
GP will then reroute the audio channels inside itself .
i think it creates then a “virtual device” or kind of a place holder.
you definitly don´t lose your wiring ! just have to go to the audio settings and chose a new audio device to be the active one (options tap, in the title bar)

so, from what you say, and want to do, thats perfectly fine. Just go ahead.

edit: i run a M1mac with 8GB RAM.
how much you need depends on if you want to load lybrary based instruments.
Can´t comment on the RAM thing. my guess is, that 16GB would be good for much.
i´d not worry either. and finally, you have tools on your mac to check how much RAM you´re using on the i-mac

Thanks for such a detailed response! I have a lot to accomplish, but it will be worth it, especially knowing there are some very knowledgable members of the community willing to take time to provide some direction. It’s a learning curve to be sure & it will take time away from creativity, but in the end it will enable the creativity to shine in the spotlight. Thanks again to all who replied.

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