New Synth from Soundspot

New synth coming:

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Until 30th of October a super special price - NOBRAINER!

Have you been been soundspot plugins in GP ? I tried several times with nebula and oracle, but most of the time I end up GP crashing… (especially when I use 2 or more soundspot plugins in 1 rackspace).
I can’t recall I have this issue with Union though.
Also strange is that the VST2 effect plugins ( eg. nebula, oracle) only show up as mono (1 input) plugins. As where the VST3 version are stereo.

Curious if anyone experienced the same

Mac or PC? Do you have crash report?

Good lord, but their website is SLOW. If I didn’t already own (but not installed) a bunch of their VSTs, I’d abandon well before the page actually displays. And there’s no way to tell what the current VST version is without redownloading each owned plugin. Terrible design.

Using on PC, I have just send a crash report

@pianopaul : I looked for the new synth, but could not find it ( there was a new audio plugin “Nevo” though ).

I agree with themaartian, their website is Terrible…

Have you reported the issue to the plugin developer? While I can’t say this with 100% certainly (‘cos nothin is perfect) it’s much more likely that the issue is due to a bug in the plugin rather than to GP

Not yet, as I started yesterday kinda playing with these plugin’s. And got a lot of crashes.
I’m almost certain that it is caused by the plugin’s allthough I cannot find a direct refrence to these plugin in the xml / dump file.

I will contact them

The only crash reports we received are related to “Roland SRX Brass”, something called “Atlas” as well as “UVI Workstation” and “Keyscape”

@rreuscher - do you use any of these plugins?

I use Keyscape, and Roland SRX Strings. But they are not used in Crash Report that I send this morning.

I can create a crash report again and send it ?

Sure. If you do it now - we’ll be sure it’s yours. Also - you can click “More information…” label in the crash dialog and provide your email address so we are 100% sure.

I did that the first time and provided some additional info. But I’ll do it again

Just send 2 crash reports. The first I was to fast with clicking, and did not provide my email.

Funny this time I can see that it was Nebula that caused the issue, most of the time it say Gigperformer.exe or KERNELBASE.dll

Definitely your Nebula. I forgot which version of GP you’re using - that’s why I missed the report. I’ll send you a PM about this

    <ExceptionModule>C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Nebula.vst3</ExceptionModule>